Football Link Gambia

Football Link Gambia is a project set up to establish a junior football club for the children of The Gambia.

Created by Hannah Thompson and Meriel Hubbard from University College Birmingham, the project aims to create a sustainable club providing stability and fun for children. The project is linked with Christ The King Junior Football Club, Coventry. Christ The King will provide continual support by providing kits, boots, other equipment and donations to help ensure the sustainability of the project.


Wonder Years Centre Of Excellence, a registered charity no. 1089167, have agreed to help us with this venture in many ways. Wonder Years Centre Of Excellence have been working for sustainability of The Gambia for 10 years and have helped so many people. WYCE have all the necessary contacts to help this project along the way and we hope to have formed a life long friendship!

Hannah and Meriel embarked for The Gambia in January 2011 having gained a huge amount of support from Christ The King Parents and children by way of collection of boots and kits So much in fact a huge container was full!

During their time in Gambia Hannah and Meriel arranged a tournament between the various villages some 600 people attended Including. Gambia’s Minister of sport.

On completing her degree Hannah worked in Gambia for a further six months. The project is still alive and kicking and still supported by way of kits etc through Christ The King.